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The power of collective wisdom to identify, converge, and solve leadership challenges

What is a Nurse Leader?

A nurse or healthcare leader is someone who looks for the potential in processes or people and courageously assumes the burden of responsibility to develop those processes or people. 

And although "Leaders" are often given titles such as Charge Nurse, Assistant Manager, Supervisor, Manager, Director, Chief, Executive, etc., the title does make one a Leader. 

If you work in healthcare and find yourself frequently asking "What if we tried this..." then you are most likely a leader. Influencing others to create a more positive and safe environment for patients and one another is another sign of leadership. Finally, if you are tasked with hiring and overseeing departments or units that affect how care is delivered then you are supposed to be a leader. 

Healthcare leadership is one of the most challenging roles in the world of business. Not only are you responsible for your own actions as they relate to the organization, you are also responsible to ensure that every person in your area has the knowledge, skill and ability to perform their job to keep patients safe and promote wellness. 

If you want to become a nurse or healthcare leader or you want to become the LEADER YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED to be. Keep reading

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What if you had access to a private group of mentors for the rest of your life?

Why I Created the Nurse Leader Mastermind

by Catherine Burger, MSOL, RN, NEA-BC (and yes, I have crazy hair during this video!)


Learn how my MESS became my MESSAGE

Why YOU Need the Nurse Leader Mastermind

  • You're TIRED of feeling LONELY and ISOLATED in your role as a middle manager
  • You feel STUCK with major challenges, yet you're not comfortable asking your boss or peers for support
  • You feel DISENGAGED from your staff and you want to learns ways to authentically connect
  • You want to QUIT leadership, but deep down you know you're making a difference

The Nurse Leader Mastermind is...

  • An intimate group (no more than 20) of leaders who meet LIVE over a virtual platform (ZOOM) to connect and find solutions each other's problems
  • A facilitated learning session where leaders complete tools in an eBook to identify their biggest challenges then, as a group, discuss each leader's issues to find SOLUTIONS. 
  • A forum to share and grow while earning 6 (six) Continuing Education (CE) credits
  • A cohort of leaders who continue to network together through a private LinkedIn group after the formal training session
  • Worth well over $3000 for a lifetime of personalized mentoring, the nominal fee of $250 is a STEAL - Plus six (6) CE credits!!
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"Nurse Leader Mastermind is an efficient way for nursing leaders to share best practices, learn from others, and create a strong professional network. Having the sessions via Zoom fits into our busy schedules while preserving the human connection."

Pat Forsberg, DNP, MBA, RN, NE-BC

Frequently Asked Questions

Select the “Apply Now" or any one of the GOLD buttons. You will be led to an information page to complete. A team member of the Nurse Leader Mastermind will contact you to schedule you for the perfect NLM cohort.

The reasonable price of $250 gets you:

  • A 6 (six) hour LIVE, virtual event
  • 6 (six) Continuing Education credits
  • A LIFETIME of mentoring and coaching from your mastermind cohort peers and executive nurse leader facilitators
  • An eBook for you to print at home prior to the event
  • A Self-Awareness for Leaders assessment tool
  • Access to a PRIVATE LinkedIn group, specifically designed for your cohort

Each cohort (session) is conducted live through Zoom, a virtual video platform. 

Once you enroll in the cohort that fits with your schedule, you are sent a link to the Zoom website with instructions on how to access the event.

You will also be sent the eBook for you to print prior to the event in order to use the tools in the book, an agenda for the event and a "Self Awareness for Leaders" assessment tool for your own information.

About 15-minutes prior to the start of the event, log into the Zoom conference and make sure your audio and video work. 

The session is divided into (2) three hour sessions to allow for an hour lunch/stretch break for a total of 6 (six) content hours

At the end of the virtual event, participants will be encouraged to access the private LinkedIn group for that particular cohort


Just one. 

You will attend the live virtual video event on the date that is convenient for you - that is your Mastermind group and specific cohort based on the date you select.

We certainly understand that life happens! 

If you need to cancel, please contact [email protected] to discuss options of moving to another session or options for reimbursement. 

If you cancel more that 7 days from the event, you will receive a refund minus a $25 administrative fee. 

Cancellations with no notice within 7 days of the event may be subject to no refund being issued. Please contact me to arrange another session at [email protected]



As the NLM grows we will be able to gauge what type of education nurse leaders are seeking.

Be sure to subscribe to the site to stay tuned for more!

Speak with your leader or HR manager.

Most employers offer a reimbursement for education that includes continuing education credits. 

We're so confident that the Nurse Leader Mastermind is worth every minute of your time and every penny spent that we will REFUND your money within 14 days of the session if you're not completely satisfied!

Of course, we've NEVER had to act on this promise as our participants are not only COMPLETELY SATISFIED with their experience, but they are telling their friends and colleagues to sign up! 


A forum for Nurse Leaders to network, connect and grow!

Michael D. Francis, DNP, MSEd, RN, NEA-BC

Catherine is an exceptional transformative nursing leader who respects the vision of nursing practice change created at the point of service.

Lisa Cowan, DNP, FACHE, NEA-BC, RN

Catherine Burger has brilliantly created the “Nurse Leader Mastermind” as a means to elevate nursing leadership. Through connectivity and leveraging the power of collective wisdom, her visionary approach to nurse leader education is inspirational and motivational. Catherine has demonstrated her out of the box thinking and entrepreneurial spirit by creating the “Nurse Leader Mastermind”. Participants will be armed with new approaches and tools to address common middle management issues in addition optimizing the support of like minded nurse leaders through an intimate peer group well after the formal education has ended. The richness of Catherine's program makes it a unique and highly valued experience for the nurse leader! 

Janet McInness, BSN, MHA, RN

Catherine is a seasoned healthcare leader who takes a compassionate, common sense approach to all she does. She is passionate about growing leaders to handle the realities of today's complex and ever-changing healthcare world. I am so pleased that Catherine has made the choice to embrace on this educational journey. It's overdue!

Chief Nursing Officer

A validated nursing expert, Catherine Burger, MSOL, RN, NEA-BC serves as the CNO and Media Response Specialist for

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